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Kaelari's Saturday Challenge Top 8
Start Date: Saturday 7th Jul, 2018. 7:21 PM (UTC)
Format: StandardBest of 3 of 5Admins: kaelari+3344, , Resheph+2286, and Duncan_Ren+0480

Player NameRankScore
Nishava+1000 playing Rakano's weapons are outmatched!20
Played: Paradox+3422(3 - 2) camat0+1655(3 - 1) SooNo+0192(3 - 0)
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Paradox+3422 playing Skycrag Berserk30
Played: marvin_the_imp+5363(3 - 1) Nishava+1000(2 - 3) Walloittaja+0545(3 - 0)
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Walloittaja+0545 playing FJS Removal Pile40
Played: Tobboo+5310(3 - 1) Paradox+3422(0 - 3)
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SooNo+0192 playing Gaza 50
Played: WhyNot+7431(3 - 2) Nishava+1000(0 - 3)
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camat0+1655 playing praxis mid60
Played: Nishava+1000(1 - 3)
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Tobboo+5310 playing Die hard and die again70
Played: Walloittaja+0545(1 - 3)
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marvin_the_imp+5363 playing MarkETS Broke the CaiRNGorm Mountains80
Played: Paradox+3422(1 - 3)
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WhyNot+7431 playing FJS Stuff90
Played: SooNo+0192(2 - 3)
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