Tuesday Night Eternal

4. Tournament structure

4.1 Pre-event procedures

Registration and check-ins close 15 minutes before the event’s expected start time. Staff will use that time to compile and publish decklists, answer player questions, and make any announcements for the event.

The event officially begins when a TO generates the first round’s pairings. Anyone not checked in is excluded from the event.

4.2 Swiss rounds

Tournaments begin with Swiss rounds. This is not single-elimination - you may play all matches in this section.

Pairings are determined by the Battlefy software. Players are paired at random for the first round. In subsequent rounds, players are paired against opponents with the same match record when able. No one should face the same opponent twice during the Swiss rounds.

In rounds with an odd number of participants, one low-ranked player is assigned a bye by Battlefy. This counts as a match win.

4.3 Playoffs

Tournaments cut to a top-8 playoff at the conclusion of the Swiss rounds. Playoffs are single-elimination matches.

The default Battlefy tiebreakers are used to rank players when determining the playoff cut:

  1. Match wins
  2. Opponent's match win percentage
  3. Game win percentage
  4. Opponent's opponent's match win percentage

Standings with tiebreaker stats are found in the event’s Battlefy pages.

4.4 Round numbers

A minimum of 17 players must participate for an event to officially count in the overall season. Tournament staff may decide to proceed with an event that has 16 or less players, but it will not award an Invitational qualification or any seasonal leaderboard points (the qualification will be passed to a wildcard spot).

The number of Swiss rounds in TNE Challenges are based on participation. The TO will announce the number of players and rounds for each event before the first round begins.

The following breakpoints are used:

Players Swiss Rounds Playoff
17-32 5 Top 8
33-64 6 Top 8
65+ 7 Top 8

To ensure events end in a timely manner, the Swiss section is presently capped at 7 rounds. In events with more than 128 participants, some players with X-1 match records will not make the playoff cut.

4.5 Round times and limits

There is no minimum time for rounds. Shortly after a round’s final match concludes, the TO will start the next round to keep the event moving. If there is an extended break, the TO will announce it.

Rounds last 45 minutes from the TO’s round-start announcement (the message is timestamped), plus any time extensions. Any unfinished matches must immediately begin end-of-match procedures.