Tuesday Night Eternal

6. Season structure

6.1 TNE Challenges

TNE’s Spring season has 10 weekly open Challenge tournaments. Each Challenge winner is qualified for participation in the Spring Invitational tournament.

6.2 Season leaderboard

Player participation and performance in the Challenges is tracked in the season’s leaderboard.

Leaderboard points are calculated as follows:

  • 1 leaderboard point for each match win in an event (in the Swiss and the top 8)
  • Each player’s FIVE best event results count towards the leaderboard and its tiebreaker stats.

Performance stats are used to determine ranking as follows:

  1. Leaderboard points
  2. Trophies (1st place in Challenges)
  3. Total match win percentage (matches won/matches played)
  4. Average opponents’ match win percentage.

6.3 Spring Invitational

The TNE season culminates in the 16-player Spring Invitational. The Invitational may have additional rules, given to the qualified participants ahead of the event.

At most 10 Challenge winners will be qualified for the Invitational. Wildcard spots are awarded among the remaining players based on the final leaderboard standings.

If a player wins multiple Challenges, each additional win will open another wildcard spot. Players who cannot participate in the Invitational will be replaced with additional wildcard spots.

A registration and decklist submission deadline for the Invitational will be set in the event’s rules (an early registration may be set to allow the TOs to thoroughly check decks and prepare additional coverage assets). Players who fail to meet the deadline and cannot be immediately reached by the tournament staff will be disqualified, and replaced with a wildcard spot.

The leaderboard standings are also used to seed the Invitational, determining the first-round pairings.