Tuesday Night Eternal

3. Tournament registration & participation

3.1 Players must be registered and checked-in on Battlefy to participate

Players must register for each event on its Battlefy page before its registration deadline. The registration deadline is 15 minutes before the event starts.*

*The deadline is set for 15 minutes before the event to allow staff time to compile the decklist document, make announcements, and answer player questions.

A check-in prompt will appear on the event’s Battlefy page 1 hour before its registration deadline ends. Players must check-in during that time to affirm their participation in that event. Players who do not check in will be removed from the event.

Players use Battlefy throughout the tournament to report match results. At minimum, the results must be reported when the match is completed. We ask that players report after each game if able, so the tournament staff and coverage may assess the state of the match throughout the round. If incorrect results were entered, please reach out to the TOs.

3.2 Eternal Warcry decklists are required

Decks must be submitted in the registration field on Battlefy with a valid Eternal Warcry link:

  • All decks must be format-legal for the individual tournament.
  • Minimum of 75 cards + legal markets.
  • Deck switching is not allowed once the tournament has begun.
  • Misleading/inappropriate deck names are not allowed.*

*Funny names are OK. Descriptive names are great. Names which misrepresent what they are (ex. calling an Elysian Spells deck “Praxis Tokens”) are not OK, because opponents will see that name in Battlefy and may base initial gameplay decisions on it. Inappropriate decknames will be assessed in line with EternalWarcry’s Deck Posting Policy.

Players are allowed to register early without a valid deck link (‘TBD’ may be used as a temporary placeholder), but they must submit a valid link prior to the registration deadline.

While tournament staff will attempt to validate all decks at the start of the event, each player is ultimately responsible for verifying that their submitted deck is format-legal. The TO may issue penalties for errors discovered after the deck document is made public or the first round begins. Small infractions (such as an illegal card for the format) may be penalized with a game loss and then the error must be fixed, while large infractions (such as a Throne deck for an Expedition tournament) may result in an event disqualification.

3.3 Card legality

Cards are legal for TNE events in their formats as follows:

  • Cards in large sets are legal on the set's full release day, when its cards are craftable with Shiftstone. Cards unlocked early in pre-orders or prerelease events are not legal.
  • Cards in small sets are legal on the set's full release day, when the set may be purchased with Gold. Cards unlocked early in pre-orders are not legal.
  • Promo cards are limited to the max number earnable by completing promo quests so far in the promo week. Additional copies unlocked by purchasing the theme deck are not legal.

For format updates, such as new Expedition cards from Draft Pack updates, cards are legal when they are in-client. If an update is scheduled to happen the day of an event, consult the TO for details.

3.4 Spectator mode must be enabled for coverage

All players must enable spectating so that we can stream the matches. Production staff will friend you in-game.

3.5 Discord is the primary place for communication

The TNE’s Discord server is used for each tournament. Check the event’s channels prior to its start to review any announcements.

If you are unable to join TNE’s server, it is your responsibility to inform the TO prior to the event starting so they may reach you by other means.

While it is technically possible to play in TNE events strictly through Battlefy and Eternal without participating in Discord communications, it is not recommended. Players are responsible for any penalties received due to a lack of initiative to communicate.