Tuesday Night Eternal

1. Tournament fundamentals

1.1 Tournament formats

TNE tournaments are constructed-format events, using either the Throne or Expedition game formats. Decks must be format-legal for the individual tournament.

1.2 Publishing tournament information

The TOs reserve the right to publish information about its events at any time, including during the events. Information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Broadcasting participant’s matches and archiving the coverage
  • Descriptions of strategy or play
  • Player decklists
  • Information shared with the TOs for use in the events, including optional participation forms (unless specifically instructed otherwise)

1.3 Participation eligibility

Anyone may participate as a player in TNE events except for:

  • Individuals suspended or banned from TNE events
  • Residents of countries (or states) where contests, tournaments, and sweepstakes with awarded cash prizes (or other prizes with monetary value) are prohibited
  • Individuals under the age of majority in their country/region of residence who do not have their parent/guardians’ permission

1.4 Streaming

Players may not observe the official live broadcast of their own ongoing match, or otherwise seek information that could be used to gain an advantage in play. Players may choose to stream or otherwise broadcast their own matches. They must have a delay of at least 5 minutes so that information from their stream does not occur before it happens on the official broadcast, and to remove incentive for their opponents to watch their stream.

1.5 Spectators

A ‘spectator’ is anyone other than the players in a match and tournament staff who are watching the game, whether through the game client’s spectator mode, on a stream, or in person. Spectators may not assist players in any way. In person or in chat, spectators should not communicate with the players during their gameplay. Players may request that a spectator not observe their matches. Note that the tournament staff have no direct power to affect who observes using spectator mode in-client. If someone doesn’t comply with requests to stop observing, the player should remove the observer from their friends list. If the player suspects the observer may be assisting the opponent, immediately contact the tournament staff.