Tuesday Night Eternal

2. Player conduct

2.1 Character

Players and staff are expected to treat all other players, staff, and the surrounding community with respect, and to display sporting behavior.

Discrimination, harassment, hate speech and bullying will not be tolerated in events or on associated platforms. Recipients or witnesses of such conduct should report it immediately to the tournament staff; they are encouraged to screenshot or otherwise record the incident in order to aid any official investigation.

2.2 Participate in a timely manner

While participating in the event, players must be present, pay attention to announcements, and promptly begin their matches each round.

Players must communicate with the tournament staff and opponents as needed. They should respond if contacted by tournament staff during an event, and should raise any issues to the TO as soon as possible.

Players must play the game in a timely manner and adhere to round time limits. If a player is unable to make the start of a round for whatever reason, they must inform tournament staff prior to the start of the round (see Time Extensions and Pregame Procedures).

2.3 Collusion is prohibited

Players may not concede or otherwise attempt to intentionally alter event results in exchange for any reward or incentive.

2.4 Individual responsibility

Players must play from their own account and may not join tournaments with multiple accounts.

Players may not seek or receive gameplay advice or assistance while playing their matches. Players should clearly communicate to approved spectators that advice is not allowed, or take measures to prevent it from happening (ex. using the ‘deafen’ feature in Discord calls).

2.5 Don’t spoil the official stream

Players whose match is still being featured in the official coverage due to its delay should refrain from chatting there until it concludes on-stream. Participating in Twitch chat between rounds is allowed, even encouraged, but not when it spoils the viewer experience, such as by announcing the match will end within five minutes.

2.6 Penalties

Intentional infractions of these player conduct rules in this section will result in disqualification from the current event. Subsequent infractions are cause for a ban from all future TNE events.

Unintentional infractions will be dealt with at the discretion of the current event’s TOs.