Tuesday Night Eternal

Before a tournament

Register for an event

Find upcoming events on TNE’s organization page on Battlefy. Each tournament has a dedicated page.

To register for an event:

  • Click the red ‘Join’ button
  • Review and agree to the tournament’s rules.
  • Enter your in-game Eternal name, including your player tag (ex. somename+1234).
  • Enter your decklist’s Eternal Warcry link (to create it, see Submit a decklist below). “TBD” (to-be-determined) may be used in place of a link when registering before the event day. Be sure to update this field with a valid link before registration closes for the event (see Updating registration information below).
  • Enter your Discord username, including your user tag. (ex. somename#1234)
  • Include your Eternal team affiliation, if any.
  • Click ‘Submit’.

See this Battlefy help page for additional information about joining tournaments.

Submit a decklist

To save a deck on Eternal Warcry:

  • Be signed in to your Eternal Warcry account.
  • Import or build a deck in Eternal Warcry’s deck builder page.
  • Click the ‘Save’ button.
  • In the Save Deck Information form and name your deck. Choose the ‘Tournament’ option for the Deck Type selection to prevent the deck from being altered once saved.
  • Other fields such as archetype and description are optional. For Deck Display Setting, you may choose ‘Public’ or ‘Unlisted’. Do not select ‘Private’. Public decks appear on Eternal Warcry’s deck listings, so choose Unlisted if you do not want your deck listed before the event.
  • Click ‘Save Deck’.

After saving your decklist, add its link (found in the Deck URL field of the deck details) to your Battlefy registration .

To make changes to your deck, or to use a different deck, you may create a new decklist on Eternal Warcry. Be sure to update your registration—you must use the deck listed on Battlefy at the time registration closes.

If reusing an exact list, you may resubmit one of your existing links for additional events, rather than create a new one. Find your saved Eternal Warcry decklists on your profile’s My Decks page.

Updating registration information

After registering, the event’s Battlefy page will display a check in countdown and your registered decklist. Below that is an Edit Registration Fields button, which may be used to update your decklist link if you previously entered ‘TBD’, or if you would like to change your deck before the event begins.

To change your Eternal player name (ex. to fix a typo), you need to re-register for the event. Click the ‘Unjoin’ link below the countdown, then rejoin.

Leaving an event (before it starts)

You may leave an event at any time before registration closes. Use the ‘Unjoin’ link below the check in countdown.

Participant survey (optional)

Please fill out this participant questionnaire before the event starts. It is optional, and should only be filled out once (not for each event), unless you need to update your answers.

The form is used to facilitate the tournament’s organization, and to provide information about yourself which may be used in the broadcast.