Tuesday Night Eternal

Day of the tournament

Check in

Check-in is enabled on the event’s Battlefy page one hour before registration closes.

Try to click the ‘Check In’ button (below the countdown) before it closes—only checked-in players will be allowed to participate. The tournament staff uses this to confirm that you will be playing that day. Players running late may ask the tournament staff to check them in after the check-in period closes as a courtesy, up until the first round is generated.

Registration closes approximately 15 minutes before round 1 begins. In that time, tournament staff will compile a decklist document, answer questions, and post announcements in the TNE Discord server. Review the announcements, which may contain information not covered here.

Before and throughout the event, you may use Discord to chat with the other players and staff, and ask any questions.

Prepare for coverage

To broadcast the event, TNE coverage uses the game’s spectating mode to watch the featured matches. Be sure ‘Enable Spectating Mode’ is checked in your Gameplay settings.

Coverage may friend you in-game before or during the event. Accept promptly, and keep an eye out for their messages in-game.

Starting the event and rounds

When registration closes, the staff will lock new entries and check-ins. After reviewing the participants’ information (we will message you if any corrections are needed), they will generate the Swiss bracket and initiate the first round as soon as possible.

Pay close attention to the tournament announcements in Discord, where TOs will announce the start and end of each round.

Each round’s pairings are found in the Brackets section of the tournament’s Battlefy page. Pairings are randomly generated for the first round. Later rounds take match records into account, pairing players with the same record against each other if able. For an odd number of players, one with the lowest match record is assigned a bye. This counts as an automatic win.


TNE tournaments are open-decklist events. You will have access to each of your opponents’ decklists.

Tournament staff will compile all players’ decklists into a document to share with all participants and and with broadcast viewers. The first round may start before this document is complete, but your opponent’s decklist link is always available in your match page on Battlefy.

Playing matches

When the round starts, friend and challenge your opponent in-game. A featured match will be noted in the round announcement—see Featured matches below for additional instructions if you are featured. Everyone else may start their match immediately.

Matches are best-of-three games. TNE does not use ‘modified play/draw’ rules. Whoever plays first in each game is determined at random by Eternal.

Games must be played until there is a winner. There are no draws in TNE tournaments, including intentional ones.

Results must be reported in your match page. You may enter the full match results after all games are finished, but we prefer that you report after each game if able. This helps coverage when finding additional matches to cover, and lets them correctly report the match scores and the state of the round overall.

We recommend that before their match, the players agree that one person handles all in-game challenges for that match. This generally makes things run smoother, and avoids potential issues when both players challenge each other at the same time.

Match disputes

If there are any issues with your match or the Battlefy software, including misreported match results, notify staff in Discord. You may also use the ‘Report Match Issue’ button on your match’s Battlefy page. The tournament organizer will make the final call in any open disputes, then play will continue once a decision has been made.

Between matches and breaks

After finishing your match, you are free until the next round. Be sure to watch for the end-of-round announcement.

You may watch the tournament broadcast while on break. Please do not make comments in chat that could spoil the content or results of any games—remember that coverage is delayed.

If yours was one of the longer matches and you couldn’t take a break, you may take a short one after informing the TO (so you aren’t penalized for showing late to the next round).

Featured matches

If your match is featured, check-in and initiate your first game as normal, but hold at your mulligan decision. Friend-challenges do not have turn timers, so there is no risk of an automatic concession.

Coverage will ‘friend’ you in-game to spectate the match, if they haven’t already. When coverage is ready, they will message you to begin playing. Only hold playing for the first game in your match. Play the remaining games as normal.

Dropping from an event

You may resign from a tournament for any reason. Let the staff know before the next round. They will update your current match on Battlefy with your drop, so you won’t be paired in subsequent rounds.

Playoffs and tiebreakers

When the Swiss rounds are complete, a playoff bracket will be generated for the top 8 players.

Standings are determined by the best records from the Swiss rounds. Tiebreakers ank players with the same record. Some players may miss the cutoff for the playoffs, even if they have the same overall match wins as others who make the cutoff. Tiebreakers are processed by Battlefy using their default system. See this Battlefy help page for more information.

Initial playoff pairings are determined by the Swiss standings. For example, in a top 8 playoff, the 1st and 8th-ranked players are paired, the 2nd and 7th-ranked players are paired, and so forth

Playoff matches are also best-of-three games. Rounds are single-elimination; only the winners will move on to the next round. Later-round pairings are determined by the bracket’s structure.