Next Tournament: Season 3 Week 5
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Known information for The Flame of Xulta:
  • 200+ cards
  • With the upcoming release of The Flame of Xulta, the Expedition format will cycle out The Empty Throne, among other changes, and become part of the rotation for Eternal’s Organized Play offerings! Final details are still being sorted out, but we’re excited for Eternal‘s next chapter and upcoming season!
    • A unit achieves Mastery when it deals total damage equal to its Mastery number.
    • You don’t need to deal the damage all at once. You can do it over multiple attacks. Whenever you reach the Mastery number, you’ll get the Mastery bonus immediately.
    • When your unit makes progress towards Mastery, it keeps that progress even if it changes zones, like being bounced by a Teleport or killed by a Deathstrike.
    • BUT the unit only gains Mastery if it deals damage and survives. If your Relentless Combatant attacks and dies from being blocked, it will not gain Mastery from the damage of that attack. Mastery works when blocking too. You can gain Mastery when blocking, making a Killer attack, or any other time your unit would deal damage and survive.
    • Similar to Ultimate, Mastery can refresh if your unit leaves play and returns later. Say your Relentless Combatant dies after it got its Mastery bonus of +2/+2. If you bring it back later with Last Chance, it will still be a 4/5 but now it will have another Mastery 8: +2/+2 ready to complete.
If you know of spoilers not listed here please contact kaelari with the information
Sol's Rest

Draw Strength

Cast Into Shadow

Sodi The Metamorph

Parul Sealkeeper

Luckbreaker Gryffyn

Snapping Hydrangea

Xultan Cultist


Dread Hellkite

Spectral Scythe

Kairos, Grand Champion

Living Wave (Token from Tidal Forces)

Nakova & Molot (Only playable through Den of Ordeals)

Ila & Mizo

Hanaka, Loremaster

Burr-Spore Fern

Faceless One

Dragon Forge


Tidal Forces

Parul's Choice

Gnash Unrelenting

Greenstretch Empath

Wanderlust Quirin

Warbrush Oni

Eloz Martial Scholar

Sacred Seal


Ageworn Vestige

Anthem of Grodov

Den of Ordeals


Cheering Section

Ancient Manual

Vile Collaborator

Eremot, Death Incarnate

Akko Inspired Artist

Sword of Judgement

Thunderclaw Raven

Relentless Combatant

High Prophet of Sol

Conservatory Alchemist

Vicious Rejuvenation

Ramba, Arena Showman

Seasoned Drillmaster

Borderlands Lookout

Stonesmelt Dragon

Nahid the Immortal

Mercy of Kodosh

Cruel Wyvarch

Sodi's Spellshaper

Felrauk the Outcast