Kaelari's Win/Lose Recorder (Windows Version)

Windows - Mac


  1. Have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. This is outside the scope of this document. This may help
  2. Download and unzip the script. Script
  3. Make sure there is a c:\eternalimages folder
  4. Make sure your eternal is set to 1920x1080 and fullscreen


  1. In your browser create a deck on eternaltournaments.com
  2. Click on the stats link from the decks page
  3. Copy the deck code from this page(highlight and ctrl+c)
  4. Run the runscript.bat batch file(double click) A console window will open, this will let you know the script is running. Minimize(don't close) it
  5. A popup will ask for your deck code, paste into the field and click ok.
  6. Open Eternal and Play your games as normal and they should be recorded. Reload the stats page on eternaltournaments.com to see your stats
  7. You should get a small popup window when a game ends, it will autoclose in a few seconds and mostly tells you the tracker is working.
  8. To stop it close the console window.

Options and tricks

  • The script was designed to work at 1080x1920. Other resolutions may or may not work. You might be able to get them to work by adjusting the 3 regions at the top of the script.
  • To change decks get a new deck code from eternaltournaments.com
  • Opponent names will be recorded wrong at least some of the time. I'm not aware of a solution at this time.
  • If you run into problems let me know
  • All feedback is welcome. I hope this script is useful but I make no guarentee of any kind that it will work in any way for anything.

Technical issues

The OCR is simply not reliable. You will get a lot of opponent names that are gibberish or other wise not right. This can't be helped at this time. If you have any suggestions to improve the script I'm happy to hear them.

Version History

Ease of use and simplicity increased
  • Added local recording of results
  • Initial Release