Kaelari's Card Image Grabber


  1. Have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. This is outside the scope of this document. This may help
  2. Install Sikulix -> Here
    Make sure to install option 1
  3. Download and unzip the script. Script
  4. Make the folder c:\eternalimages (This can be changed in the script but this is the default location to output)


  1. For sanity sake close other windows and programs that can spawn windows
  2. Open Eternal
  3. Create a new empty deck and set your filters
  4. Alt-tab to your desktop and run sikulix
  5. Open the script.
  6. You should have a sikulix window in front of a full screen eternal with a new empty deck showing. (You might need to alt-tab a few times to get this)
  7. Hit run on the sikulix window and sit back and let it run.
  8. If you need to stop it for any reason shift+alt+c will stop sikulix.

Options and tricks

  • You can change what cards it exports by using eternal's filters. Do this before you start the script
  • The script was designed to work at 1080x1920. Other resolutions may or may not work. You might be able to get them to work by adjusting click locations.
  • All feedback is welcome. I hope this script is useful but I make no guarentee of any kind that it will work in any way for anything.

Technical issues

The script is pretty slow. It could probably be optimized to be a bit faster but not enough faster to matter. If it takes an hour to run dropping it by a few minutes isn't a big deal.

Version History

  • Initial Release