Embed upcoming tournaments list

The easiest way is with a simple iframe like this:
<iframe src="http://eternaltournaments.com/cgi-bin/simpletournament.cgi"> </iframe>
You can also fetch the data via javascript and then put it whereever you want on your page. This is a bit more complicated and it's assumed if you know enough javascript to use this you can figure it out with just the link.
You can edit the template used to generate the simple list from the "edit custom templates" link under your name. Choose "simple" and adjust how you want. When ready go to "choose custom templates" link and select your template under "simple". You must then add an id tag to the link like this: http://eternaltournaments.com/cgi-bin/simpletournament.cgi?id=
and it's iframe version:
<iframe src="http://eternaltournaments.com/cgi-bin/simpletournament.cgi?id="> </iframe>
This lets it know that it should use your custom template. When someone views the page if they are logged in they will see their timezone, if they are not times will show in UTC. It follows normal ladder templating rules you can use http://eternaltournaments.com/cgi-bin/simpletournament.cgi?showalltemplate=1 to see all available variables. (view page source for easier reading)