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Most Used Factions: FJPs
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26 wins of 50 matches. (52%)
Lose vs DarkestHour+7584 2018-12-30 17:52:35Xo GreenVSALLY SUN
Lose vs Alison+6632 2018-12-30 17:22:19Xo GreenVSYou won't BELIEVE what Defiance cards I added to this Set 4 deck! (Masters Top 3.14) [GONE WRONG] [GAMES THROWN]
Lose vs Fatsuno+2630 2018-12-23 18:36:34Xo GreenVSAlmost Talir
Lose vs JDGentleman+8103 2018-12-23 18:18:42Xo GreenVSTemporal Tempest
Win vs DrPringles+0726 2018-12-23 17:42:26Xo GreenVSBig Hooru
Win vs PapaCapricorn+4579 2018-12-20 21:11:16Pit controlVSAuralian Exports
Lose vs YurickYu+1251 2018-12-20 19:47:49Pit controlVSWarhelm Rakano
Lose vs DrPringles+0726 2018-12-20 19:17:55Pit controlVSBig Hooru
Lose vs sifudanny+5052 2018-12-19 03:56:40XoVSI dont care what they name three color factions this is still Jund
Win vs Sweaty_Wizard+9456 2018-12-19 02:54:02XoVSTemporal Greed
Win vs YurickYu+1251 2018-12-19 02:29:57XoVSJund Makto
Win vs smovens+2236 2018-12-19 01:46:22XoVSFast TPS
Lose vs ThePlatypusKing+5620 2018-12-16 19:48:56Big Combrei 4VSBruisedByXo
Lose vs ThePlatypusKing+5620 2018-12-16 18:55:43Big Combrei 4VSBruisedByXo
Win vs SooNo+0192 2018-12-16 18:32:55Big Combrei 4VSMookitty blackball
Lose vs Kangbreath+9904 2018-12-16 18:04:20Big Combrei 4VSArgenport Cheese Grater
Win vs reireibarker+9377 2018-12-16 17:38:04Big Combrei 4VSDefiance Temporal
Lose vs LightsOutAce+8547 2018-12-12 03:51:51Sent ReanimatorVSHourless Grenadin
Win vs Alison+6632 2018-12-12 03:02:28Sent ReanimatorVSA single Donger leads the Ponger
Win vs TTVBruhsiah+5789 2018-12-12 02:41:37Sent ReanimatorVSBruhsiah Presents: Long and Fast The Road To Victory With Temporal
Win vs PapaCapricorn+4579 2018-12-12 01:48:56Sent ReanimatorVSSilk Road
Lose vs YurickYu+1251 2018-12-09 18:49:21Feln ChampVSAzindel joins Cookbook Control
Lose vs DrPringles+0726 2018-12-09 18:22:45Feln ChampVSBest of Worlds 1: AP Mid by Kang
Lose vs reireibarker+9377 2018-12-09 18:05:41Feln ChampVSKennadins
Win vs DarkestHour+7584 2018-12-09 17:15:45Feln ChampVSA L
Lose vs YurickYu+1251 2018-12-06 21:12:51Cookbook Caiphus killVS5 factions Control
Win vs Teterev+8927 2018-12-06 20:41:17Cookbook Caiphus killVSBFS market
Lose vs MustacheMagic+3582 2018-12-06 20:04:06Cookbook Caiphus killVStetris is fun for me
Win vs Sannd+5366 2018-12-06 19:30:16Cookbook Caiphus killVSRakano Ramp
Lose vs Woxon+8247 2018-12-05 03:45:46Mask of GreedVSFeln Feastcaller
Lose vs reireibarker+9377 2018-12-05 03:06:58Mask of GreedVSFJP Eilyn
Lose vs TTVBruhsiah+5789 2018-12-05 02:49:01Mask of GreedVSBruhsiah Presents: Long and Fast The Road To Victory With Temporal
Win vs Teterev+8927 2018-12-05 01:59:11Mask of GreedVSBFS market
Win vs Alison+6632 2018-12-02 18:43:58Cookbook CaiphusVSAre you a Skycrag player? Because you light a Torch in my heart.
Win vs YurickYu+1251 2018-12-02 18:11:32Cookbook CaiphusVSMakto Jund
Win vs DrPringles+0726 2018-12-02 17:59:18Cookbook CaiphusVSHighway
Lose vs flippyflop+9606 2018-12-02 17:23:39Cookbook CaiphusVSJPS
Win vs sifudanny+5052 2018-11-28 03:35:36Talir LifegainVSAshes of Praxis
Win vs DankyMcBuds+8155 2018-11-28 03:05:34Talir LifegainVS$$$SHOT
Win vs TonyGeeeee+2743 2018-11-28 02:29:14Talir LifegainVSFJS Hybrid
Win vs TTVBruhsiah+5789 2018-11-28 01:55:34Talir LifegainVSWe're here for a good time and a long time
Lose vs CptnBadass+1995 2018-11-25 19:59:58Cookbook CaiphusVSGreed pile
Win vs Kroge+1524 2018-11-25 19:32:14Cookbook CaiphusVSIcaria gone gold
Win vs The_Joker+3575 2018-11-25 19:13:27Cookbook CaiphusVSFace is the Place!
Win vs MustacheMagic+3582 2018-11-25 18:16:25Cookbook CaiphusVSgreed is good
Lose vs Kroge+1524 2018-11-25 17:59:52Cookbook CaiphusVSIcaria gone gold
Lose vs DankyMcBuds+8155 2018-11-22 20:37:04Sent ReanimatorVSTELUT
Win vs Kross+9990 2018-11-22 19:58:55Sent ReanimatorVSThe Greatbow Tempest
Lose vs flippyflop+9606 2018-11-22 19:36:40Sent ReanimatorVSbad hooru.
Win vs YurickYu+1251 2018-11-21 02:53:14Haunted HighwayVSPraxis Warcry

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