Dysis+2058 (Dee Zees)
Lifetime: 1606.63

Name: LĂșcia
From: Brasil
Team: The Queensguard
i like learning n improving at the game , and also im sorry but i only play decks that are as far away from midrange as possible so they are all evil
Most Used Factions: Pfjst
: 0th
Queen's Ransom: 1st
TQG Thursday : 3rd
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3 wins of 5 matches. (60%)
Win vs madeinmidian+7322 2019-10-24 01:34:25Bad Dragon JokeVSUnnamed Tournament deck!
Win vs Frame_Array+2795 2019-10-24 01:09:32Bad Dragon JokeVSXenan-Zu
Win vs Kaelos+8204 2019-10-24 00:50:17Bad Dragon JokeVSUnnamed Tournament deck!
Lose vs Comet+4018 2019-10-18 01:26:48Channel The ColorsVSUnnamed Tournament deck!
Lose vs AleshaKills+2054 2019-10-18 01:07:11Channel The ColorsVSBad Expedition Deck

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Channel The Colors