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Deck NameI pick Gozzuuu deck and change few cards to face Hooru Flying
Shiftstone Cost (does not include campaigns)99,300
1  Alessi, Combrei Archmage x3
1  Wandering Wisp x2
2  Awakened Student x4
2  Teacher Of Humility x4
2  Xenan Initiation x3
3  Auralian Merchant x4
3  Stand Together x3
3  Valkyrie Enforcer x4
4  Crownwatch Press-Gang x4
4  Sandstorm Titan x4
4  Sword Of Unity x3
5  Xumucan, The Surveyor x4
7  Xulta Loyalist x4
0  Amber Waystone x2
0  Combrei Banner x3
0  Combrei Insignia x4
0  Crest Of Progress x4
0  Crownwatch Standard x1
0  Seat Of Progress x4
0  Temple Standard x4
0  Time Sigil x7
2  Desert Marshal x1
2  Xenan Initiation x1
3  Stand Together x1
4  Sword of Unity x1
0  Combrei Banner x1