Next Tournament: Queen's Ransom
Starts in:

Deck NameEven Skycrag
Shiftstone Cost (does not include campaigns)28,750
CampaignsThe Tale of Horus Traver
2  Backlash x1
2  Champion Of Fury x4
2  Conflagrate x2
2  Dusk Raider x4
2  Evenhanded Golem x4
2  Ice Bolt x4
2  Impatient Pyromage x4
2  Ornate Katana x4
2  Piercing Shot x2
2  Rakano Outlaw x3
2  Winter's Grasp x4
4  Chunk Chunk x4
4  Crimson Firemaw x4
4  Lethrai Soothsayer x3
4  Mortar x2
6  Howling Peak x1
0  Fire Sigil x3
0  Granite Coin x2
0  Granite Waystone x4
0  Primal Sigil x5
0  Seat Of Fury x4
0  Shugo Standard x3
0  Skycrag Banner x4