Next Tournament: Queen's Ransom
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Deck NameI finally get my 4th Brel
Shiftstone Cost (does not include campaigns)71,750
CampaignsDead Reckoning
Jekk's Bounty
Into Shadow
1  Defiance x1
1  Seek Power x2
1  Torch x4
1  Winchest Cargo x2
2  Annihilate x1
2  Lost Scroll x1
2  Quarry x3
3  Display Of Ambition x4
3  Ixtun Merchant x4
3  Slay x3
3  Wingbrewer x1
4  Vara, Vengeance-Seeker x4
5  Harsh Rule x4
5  Inquisitor Makto x2
5  Throne Warden x2
6  End Of The Story x2
6  Rizahn, Greatbow Master x2
7  Brel, Solist Apostate x4
7  Xo Of The Endless Hoard x4
0  Crest Of Chaos x3
0  Crest Of Glory x2
0  Crest Of Vengeance x4
0  Fire Sigil x3
0  Justice Sigil x4
0  Seat Of Chaos x4
0  Seat Of Glory x2
0  Seat Of Vengeance x1
0  Shadow Sigil x2
1  Bore x1
2  Cauldron Cookbook x1
6  Rizahn, Greatbow Master x1
6  Smuggler's Stash x1
8  Icaria, the Liberator x1