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ECL Sunday Challenge Top 4
Start Date: Sunday 12th Aug, 2018. 4:17 PM (UTC)
Format: StandardBest of 3 of 5Admins: Resheph+2286, Duncan_Ren+0480, kaelari+3344, TheRocke+3254, and Phoenixton+2266

Player NameRankScore
SooNo+0192 playing BIG BRAIN CONTROL16
Played: Isochron+4970(3 - 1) DrPringles+0726(3 - 1)
DrPringles+0726 playing End the Flock by DrHero23
Played: SooNo+0192(1 - 3) Kross+9990(3 - 0)
Isochron+4970 playing Heart of the Cards30
Played: SooNo+0192(1 - 3)
Kross+9990 playing Feln Midrange40
Played: DrPringles+0726(0 - 3)