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Opal Waystone Classic - Sunday 7th Apr, 2019. 12:00 PM (UTC) (12 days, 11 hours, and 59 minutes)
Format: opalBest of 3
Swiss Rounds
Admins: TheRocke+3254
A Shiftstoned and EternalWarCry collaboration
Decks must be 4 or more factions. A faction is counted if the deck contains at least 8 cards of that faction, multifaction cards count for all its factions.


1st- $150, unique wall tapestry, invite to ECL Season 2 Invitational, 15 League Points
2nd- $100, unique wall tapestry, 10 League points
3rd- $50, unique wall tapestry, 5 League Points
4th- 5 League Points
5th-8th- 3 League points

1 League point per swiss round win
1 League point for playing at least 2 rounds
Players: (1) PapaCapricorn+4579
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