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Known information for Dark Frontier:
  • 200+ cards
  • Dark Frontier will release on May 9th
  • Onslaught: Does something when played if you or any of your units have attacked this turn.
  • Twist: Twist is a new mechanic in Dark Frontier that can be found on all sorts of units. Like most unit abilities, you spend power to enable the Twist effect. Unlike most unit abilities, Twist can be used any number of times on your turn. The longer something is exposed to the Shadow, the more it changes, and each time a unit is Twisted, it gets +1/-1 in addition to whatever else the Twist did.
  • Shift:
    • When you play a unit Shifted, youíll pay in power the Shift number instead of its normal cost. (Influence requirements still apply.)
    • While Shifted, the unit is in play, but it canít attack, block, or be selected by any cards. Any passive abilities of the unit still function, and it can still be killed by cards like Harsh Rule or Lightning Storm.
    • The unit will remain Shifted for three turns. When you start your third turn, it will Emerge immediately ready to attack or block (as itís already been in play while itís been Shifted) and it gains Unblockable for the turn.
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Vicious Rumours



Search Party

Corrupted Behemoth

Cloudsnake Matriarch

Silver Shortsword


Gold Mine

Copperhal Chancellor

Spy Glass

Ghar, Master Sandmage

Premonition Bolt

Lethrai Soothsayer


Potion of Alacrity

Olly, Maniacal Graverobber


Nikos, the Unifier

Tamarys, Earthshaker

Ravenous Wurm

Wurm Bait

Ghodan, Undefeated

Embargo Officer

Death Ripple

Kimi, Expedition Guide

Nimble Conscript

Avalanche Yeti

Muck Crawler


Relentless Deadshot

Kaleb's Persuader

Death Pit

Kesava, Trueheart

Righteous Intent

Vargo's Pelt

Vizier's Tablet


Xulta Loyalist

Quake Titan


Eilyn's Sanctum

Alarming Findings

Perilous Research

Impatient Pyromage

Phase Out

Spiteful Strike

Fend Off

Thusrocks Masterwork


Flash Grenade

Clodagh, Loyal Advisor


Furious Compulsion

Talir's Sanctum


Rost, the Walking Glacier

Arc Dragon

Innate Conviction

Curse of Provocation

Sediti, The Killing Steel

Illicit Armament

Ancient Clocktower

Unspeakable Torment

Livia, Hexweaver

Cinder Sprite

Minotaur Platemaker

Seek Answers

Inner Might

Cabal Repeater

Kira, The Prodigy

Cen Wastes Smuggler

Blight Pass Smuggler

Rime Conclave Smuggler

Pearl Abbey Smuggler

East Annex Smuggler

Amber Coin

Feln Insignia

Stonescar Insignia

Hooru Insignia

Combrei Insignia

Praxis Insignia

Lightning Sprite

Stained Honor

Censari Dervish

Street Urchin

Raging Firemaw

Incendiary Slagmite

Mass Polymorph

Tocas, Waystone Harvester

Crashing Avalanche

Glimpse the Possibilities


Ice Bolt


Temporal Adept

Larai, the Appraiser


Bulbous Humbug



Xumucan, the Surveyor



Evenhanded Golem

Seal of Devotion

Tasbu, The Forbidden

Dizo's Racket

Angry Prophect


Pristine Light

Sveta's Faithful

Cryptic Master

Omnivorous Vorlunk

Brenn, Arch Magister

Aspect of Destruction

Eclipse Dragon

Fire Coin

Oni Patrol