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SlothFacts+1613 ()
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Name: Ashley
From: CA, USA
It me, the cutie with the ugly decks.
Most Used Factions: FP
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3 wins of 10 matches. (30%)
Lose vs NJSheed+1780 2018-10-24 01:15:02Vadius can be my DaddyVSSmoked Meat
Lose vs reireibarker+9377 2018-10-24 00:47:05Vadius can be my DaddyVSSplokens
Lose vs Owner+3705 2018-10-17 02:49:56Vadius can be my DaddyVSBlackHeart
Lose vs sifar+9873 2018-10-17 01:55:40Vadius can be my DaddyVSFast games please
Win vs Kaelos+8204 2018-10-17 01:30:08Vadius can be my DaddyVSThe Plural is Kencaidin
Lose vs Missingtoez+9887 2018-10-17 00:47:50Vadius can be my DaddyVSUnnamed Tournament deck!
Win vs Kaelos+8204 2018-10-10 02:38:24Vadius can be my DaddyVSBerserk Slingers - Stonescar
Lose vs NJSheed+1780 2018-10-10 01:45:36Vadius can be my DaddyVSAP Mid
Win vs Mail+7714 2018-10-10 01:30:35Vadius can be my DaddyVSXenan Tokens
Lose vs Sleskesty+3951 2018-10-10 00:52:09Vadius can be my DaddyVSRakano.netdeck

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Vadius can be my Daddy