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Irishmadcat+4540 ()
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Most Used Factions: JP
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6 wins of 15 matches. (40%)
Lose vs Kabeljaukaiser+7171 2019-05-10 23:22:07Warp TimeVSmaul
Lose vs YurickYu+1251 2019-05-10 22:55:38Warp TimeVSRakano Influence
Lose vs Jikaran+3813 2019-05-10 22:32:15Warp TimeVSJPS Spells
Lose vs Kabeljaukaiser+7171 2019-04-06 01:37:56Pledge of clonesVSlife
Lose vs Jikaran+3813 2019-04-06 00:47:30Pledge of clonesVS
Lose vs Arioch+7123 2019-04-05 23:35:30Pledge of clonesVSDusk Lifeforce - Remastered
Win vs YurickYu+1251 2019-04-05 22:19:04Pledge of clonesVSAmbutemporachalicerod
Win vs Kabeljaukaiser+7171 2019-03-09 01:46:19Philisopherdaves RakanoVS2 try
Win vs JacenBlare+1763 2019-03-09 00:59:48Philisopherdaves RakanoVSJennev Midrange
Win vs Arioch+7123 2019-03-09 00:23:17Philisopherdaves RakanoVSDusk Lifeforce
Win vs Kross+9990 2019-03-08 23:13:32Philisopherdaves RakanoVSRatlics
Lose vs Tehdrew+2810 2019-03-02 00:52:27Unstable gustsVSThe site doesn't work with milos
Lose vs YurickYu+1251 2019-03-02 00:31:50Unstable gustsVSDeadly Scream
Lose vs I_Am_Monstrum+1871 2019-03-01 23:53:15Unstable gustsVSCasual Highway ;)
Win vs Kross+9990 2019-03-01 23:36:59Unstable gustsVSTurbo Fog

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