Deck Name4/23 Hooru Control
Shiftstone Cost (does not include campaigns)33,950
CampaignsThe Tale of Horus Traver

Dead Reckoning
1  Defiance x3
1  Seek Power x1
2  Strategize x4
2  Vanquish x3
3  Hailstorm x4
3  Jennev Merchant x4
3  Privilege Of Rank x4
3  Wisdom Of The Elders x4
4  Auric Runehammer x4
4  Honor Of Claws x4
5  Harsh Rule x4
5  Jotun Hurler x4
6  End Of The Story x2
8  Mokhnati, Restored x2
8  Sword Of The Sky King x3
0  Cobalt Waystone x4
0  Crest Of Order x4
0  Hooru Banner x2
0  Justice Sigil x8
0  Primal Sigil x3
0  Seat Of Order x4
2  Vision of Austerity x1
3  Eilyn's Choice x1
4  Rain of Frogs x1
7  Eilyn, Clan Mother x1
8  Mokhnati, Restored x1