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Deck NameVodacombo
Shiftstone Cost (does not include campaigns)34,450
Into Shadow
0  Last Chance x4
1  Initiate Of The Sands x4
1  Seek Power x4
2  Devour x3
2  Friendly Wisp x3
2  Temple Scribe x4
2  Voice Of The Speaker x4
3  Auralian Merchant x4
3  Ebon Dune Smuggler x4
3  Pearl Abbey Smuggler x4
4  Saber-Tooth Prideleader x1
4  Sandstorm Titan x4
5  Twinbrood Sauropod x2
6  Minotaur Ambassador x4
7  Grinva, Judge Of Battles x1
0  Amber Waystone x3
0  Argenport Banner x2
0  Combrei Banner x3
0  Crest Of Mystery x4
0  Justice Sigil x4
0  Shadow Sigil x1
0  Time Sigil x4
0  Xenan Banner x4
1  Dark Return x1
3  Stand Together x1
4  Eternity Core x1
7  Vodakhan, Temple Speaker x1
8  Talir, Who Sees Beyond x1