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Deck NameJennev Flash
Shiftstone Cost (does not include campaigns)56,100
Dead Reckoning
1  Torch x4
2  Conflagrate x4
2  Ice Bolt x2
3  Display Of Instinct x4
3  Howling Peak Smuggler x4
3  Secret Pages x4
3  Wisdom Of The Elders x4
4  Saber-Tooth Prideleader x4
5  Eclipse Dragon x4
5  Jotun Hurler x4
6  Heart Of The Vault x4
6  Howling Peak x4
7  Xo Of The Endless Hoard x4
0  Crest Of Fury x3
0  Crest Of Impulse x3
0  Crest Of Wisdom x3
0  Fire Sigil x4
0  Primal Sigil x2
0  Seat Of Fury x3
0  Seat Of Impulse x2
0  Seat Of Wisdom x2
0  Time Sigil x3
2  Equivocate x1
3  Hailstorm x1
5  Garden of Omens x1
7  Zal Chi, Herald of War x1
0  Elysian Banner x1